How to Fly on a Budget

Flying is far out the fastest way of transportation to move around, but sometimes flights alone are the largest expense in your budget. So how do you find multiple flights, without ripping a hole through your pocket? Traveling on a strict budget is somewhat of an art form, and if you’re creative enough, anything is possible! Below you can find a few useful tips to keep in mind while booking your flights.

How to Fly on a Budget

Try traveling off season

Airlines prices tend to me volatile, showing a serious spike during the months of June, July, and any holiday weekends. Also be aware of academic schedules, as school vacation periods tend to increase family travel, as well as college spring break. For some destinations, traveling between September and November are off season, such as those susceptible to hurricane season (e.g., The Caribbean). Others, like Europe, consider low season to be from January to February.

Look for flights on Tuesdays

This is not a myth! Studies have shown that travelers have booked cheaper flights, by purchasing on a Tuesday around midnight. Perhaps this is the reason why hashtag “TravelTuesday” is so popular on Twitter… :) Monday and Wednesday has also been mentioned to provide lower prices, while days later on in the week seem to spike.

Multi-stop flights are significantly cheaper

If you are really dedicated to saving money on a flight, be open to the possibility of a flight with more stops. Though it may take you longer to get to your final destination, these flights can shave hundreds off your total amount. Plan accordingly by scheduling more time for your air travel, if you prefer to save money and take the longer route.

Take advantage of low-cost carriers

Though the rate of traveling has increased, the emergence of more budget carriers has allowed young travelers to fly at a much lower rate than with major airlines. Companies like RyanAir, EasyJet, and Spirit Airlines all provide domestic as well as international flights.

Ryan Air Budget airplane

Use multiple platforms when searching for flights

While surfing through different travel platforms, try using comparative websites such as Kayak, Momondo, and Trivago. These sites let you compare prices for multiple airlines, making it easier to find the best bang for your buck.

Use discounts wherever you can

If you are a student, there are tons of opportunities to discount your travel. As more undergraduates expand their learning environment abroad, companies are looking to aid those efforts, allowing sites such as STA Travel, StudentUniverse, and CheapOair provide insanely discounted prices. Not a student? Try signing up for an airline credit card to receive points every time you fly. If you travel frequently for work, use this card and obtain a free flight in just a few months with your travel points!

Clean up your cookies

Nowadays every website tracks their visitors. Each time you are visiting a website, that website stores a cookie (a tracking file) of your visit. This gives them the possibility to react on your behavior. Often flight booking websites increase the prices based on your searched and/or booked flights. Therefore it is recommended to clear your cookies prior to booking your flights.

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