Bussing through europe

In some parts of Europe, it is not only cheaper but much easier to travel by bus. And many times, buses allow you to get to cities and towns that trains might not even have a route to. Small countries such as the Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, and Portugal are great to bus through, leaving you with more money in your pocket and the countryside scenery to enjoy.

travel tips for bussing through europe

However, without proper research, travelling on buses can reveal itself to be not as glamorous as you’d hope it to be. Here’s a three helpful tips that can make a world of a difference on your trip:

Do your research and check available schedules.

Since busses in Europe are provided by various companies that provide different schedules, it is important to double check and make sure you are able to travel between small and large towns. Though it is usually easier to purchase your bus tickets while you are in town, double check that the route you want to take is actually offered.

Here are some bus companies you can use to travel cheap through Europe:

Helpful tip: If you are travelling to and from a big city, check the arrivals to see if your destination is listed to confirm they offer that route.

bussing through europe

Pay attention to the route you have chosen on your bus ticket.

It happens. You get on a bus expecting to be on it for five hours, and circumstances have now changed this route to eight. Not all busses have one destination. In fact, it is more common for these busses to have multiple stops, or even have transfer stations. Double check the time that you have set aside for travel, and choose the length of your ride based on that. If you are pressed on time, look for direct busses and busses that use the highway instead of the back roads. If you have a transfer, double check how long you will have to wait in between rides by calling the tourist office or bus station in that city. If you are not sure that you have to transfer, double check with you bus driver when boarding.

How to use the bus on a eurotrip

Don’t always expect much at European bus stations.

Expect these terminals to provide the minimal- a parking lot with signs and a small food cart and bathrooms. Depending on how small the town is, there may not even be staff available to answer questions. Be prepared by having the bus line number handy, and pack food in your bag to avoid the not so luxurious food cart while waiting for your bus.

Despite the sometimes confusing bus routes, travelling on the road saves you money, and leaves lots of room for spontaneity. Even if you have planned your route in detail, you never know what quaint little town you will discover that’s just a bus ride away!

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