Which Transportation To Choose?

Part of planning your trip and setting your budget, is choosing your transportation between your destinations. The choice of your type of transportation should be chosen carefully, sinds it is one of the variables that defines your trip.

Which Transportation To Choose

Which Transportation To Choose in Europe?

While traveling through Europe, one of the most important decisions to make is transportation. As you tour through each country, you should be mindful of how you travel in terms of quality, time and budget. For short distances there are many different forms of transit are available to you. These can often cut costs and increase accessibility. Below is a list of different types of transportation to consider when getting around Europe:

  • Airplane
    By far the fastest way of transportation and most logical when traveling large distances. This type of transportation can be costly, so we’ve shared some tips for how to save on your flights. Read more…
  • Bus
    For short distances this is very common to use, but you can also decide to use this for long distances. When the budget is very low and the distances are long, the bus offers an budget way of transport across Europe. Read more…
  • Hitchhiking
    This is without a doubt the cheapest way of moving around, but what are the thing to keep in mind.
  • Train
    Train can be a good alternative for traveling by airplane. But when should you choose for it and what are the pros and cons.

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