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Short-stay apartment rentals has more recently become incredibly popular. With phenomena like AirBnb and VRBO, property owners all over the world are opening their homes to travelers at prices that hotels simply cannot compete with. To enjoy amenities similar to a hotel and access to locals, apartment rentals prove to be that happy medium travelers look for.

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What are vacation apartments?

The industry of apartment rentals allows websites to connect you with people. Whether you plan to stay two days in Rome or a month in Prague, vacation rentals help you find space advertised by locals at virtually any price.

How does it work?

Using platforms like those stated above, you are able to create a profile as both a host and guest. From there you are able to surf the database and choose your ideal location, type of accommodation, and preferred amenities. If you are interested in an apartment, you then send a request to rent to the host with a personalized note. If both the host and the potential guest are comfortable with the transaction, the apartment can be booked online almost immediately.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment?

Prices are decided by the host. Depending on whether you choose to rent out an entire house, an apartment, or choose to simply rent out a room in a host’s home, the amount can vary. Things like location, and time of the year also play a part in pricing.

What should I expect from vacation apartments?

At first glance, and sometimes after your first experience, it’s hard to believe you’ve travelled any other way. However, there are a few not-so-great moments that you may have when choosing this option.

Here are few tips to remember when using vacation apartments during your trip:

Save communication between you and your host until review time

Be sure to document all of the communication you have with your host in case something goes wrong. During your stay, be aware of what the condition of the room/house is when you arrive so you are not liable for any damages claimed by the owner that you are not responsible for. Though enjoying your stay is top priority, it’s also important to give a good review and receive one from the host as well. This will greatly impact your next trip using this platform, so keeping open and consistent communication with the host is crucial.

If you are afraid of being scammed, make sure to use the large known websites, such as: AirBnB, VRBO, etc. These websites do proper investigations prior to they list it. In addition, they keep your payment on their accounts until you’ve checkin the apartment without any problems.

what to expect from a vacation apartment

Be prepared for late check-in.

Hosts open their homes to renters for extra money, and most of them still have full-time careers. Because of this, it’s very difficult and unrealistic for a host to greet you as soon as you arrive in town. Be prepared to create a full itinerary before check-in, or find a cozy café or restaurant to kill time until your host gets home.

Do your research

Some guests have run into issues where the advertised apartment doesn’t actually exist. Be proactive and do some work on your end to make sure the ad is legitimate. This can be done by using the maps feature and finding the stated location using GPS. People have also verified guests by asking for the home address and personal phone number.

In the end, as long as you are careful about what locations and hosts you choose to room with, apartment rentals is a great option for travelers. The privacy of your own room/apartment with access to locals and a more cultured living environment really is the best of both worlds.

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