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This week we’ve used a great free app, for weather forecasts. And we since we liked it very much, we decided to publish a sponsored post about it. Check it out!

What is the WeatherBug App?

With the new world weather app, WeatherBug, you will always have access to what the weather is like, no matter where you choose to travel in the world. It has unique features that you are not going to be able to get with just any app. You have to find the perfect app for you to download and make sure that useful, global features come with it. Having a more comprehensive weather app is always a good thing, since it gives you more options to go with when it comes to telling the weather. Whether it is where you are now or where you’re thinking of traveling to at any other point in time, you need information you can rely on. You can have the complete world weather app right at your fingertips when you download the Google Play weather app, WeatherBug, today.

What Can You Expect from Such an App?

Screeeenshot WeatherBug AppWeatherBug allows you to have full access to all features on the app, such as pollen details of the day and lighting alerts. It gives you real time updates on what is going on in any location, and it will quickly update you when any type of weather alert is issued. Whether you are at home, or walking out the door for a trip around the world, WeatherBug will keep you safe and prepared. Downloading this Android or iTunes app is simple and only takes a few moments. Plus, it can adjust to give you information from anywhere in the world.

Check out the weather no matter where in the world you plan on going to. WeatherBug will help you keep on top of any changes in the weather so your trip never has to be ruined by bad weather again. The last thing you want is to be traveling and wind up stuck somewhere because of a bad storm that you didn’t expect. Get WeatherBug today, and keep your travels safe and enjoyable.

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