What Backpack Should I Buy?

When it comes to backpacking your way across the globe, one of the most important aspects besides a spirit of adventure is of course deciding what backpack you are going to want to travel with. Nowadays, there are hundreds of different backpacks from dozens of excellent brands that all offer a plethora of great options. So, how do you do you narrow it down? Well, we have already done that for you and sized the options down to three different brands including Deuter, Fajallraven and Lowe Alpine. Here is a rundown of them for both men and women…

Deuter – Women – ACT PRO 38 SL: This award-winning backpack by Deuter offers a fantastic option for women heading out on either hiking, biking, mountain climbing, ski touring or alpine skiing adventures. What makes it different from the men’s is that it has soft edges to the straps, smaller buckles and a curving waist belt due to the fact that women’s backs and torsos are typically not as long as men’s.

Deuter – Men – ACT Trail PRO 40: This 40-liter backpack comes with all of the necessary gadgets, pockets and adjustments any guy would need while backpacking across the globe. The main features include padded and anatomically shaped Auto-Compress hip wings, 3D AirMesh shoulder straps, two-way zip on the front and a wet laundry compartment.

Fjällräven – Unisex – Fjallraven Friluft Forest Pack: This lightweight backpack with Fri Luft Ventilation is designed for cold and hot weather. Fjallraven Friluft Forest Pack has a special ventilation system that keeps the body dry and cool. This backpack has a capacity of 35 liters and weighs only 1.25 kg. This backpack is designed for both,women and men which provides the opportunity to let multiple people make use of it.

Fjällräven – Unisex – Fjällräven Abisko 65 Stone: This backpack has a friendly grip – Large molded pullers make handling easy, even with gloves on. The biggest advantage of this backpack is the storage space. Large front pockets where you could carry in wet clothes or dirty shoes. Also a big advantage is the adaptable straps. The side compression straps can be used as front straps to hold a sleeping mat or some other gear.

Lowe Alpine – Women – Cerro Torre ND 60-80: For those women out there who are planning for an extended backpacking adventure, this is no doubt one of the best backpacks out there. With a capacity of 60-80 liters, you can pack everything you need for weeks or even months of adventures. This backpack has a removable 6L hydration pack for day trips and also a load-lifting handle!

Lowe Alpine – Men – Expedition 75-95: This backpack is not only massive but it is also made for epic, big mountain and high-altitude adventures. Made from sturdy material guaranteed to last harsh conditions and featuring front grab handles, raincover, hipbelt pockets and hydration pack.


How Many Liters Should Your Backpack Be?

This is often one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to trying to decide which backpack you should get before heading out on all of your fun adventures throughout various countries. Though there is no right or wrong answer, it simply just depends on where you are going, how long you will be gone and what you are bringing with you. Here is a breakdown…

1-4 Weeks: If you are planning to head out only for about 1-4 weeks, then you are going to want to get anywhere from 20-40 liters. It also depends on how comfortable and well suited you are carrying different sizes of a backpack. Men typically have larger backpacks while women typically decide on smaller and lighter ones.

4-12 Weeks: Extended adventures up to 12 weeks (3 months) will bring you to wanting a slightly bigger backpack that ranges anywhere from 40-60 liters. This will allow you to bring more gear, clothes and gives you more option to come back with more things that you find along the way.

12+ Weeks: Anything beyond 12 weeks is considered a very extensive trip and therefore will most likely call for more things to take along with you. Backpacks can go up to typically 95 liters, which is a lot to be carrying around. However, if you have a lot of gear this would be do-able.


How Much Should You Pay For A Good Backpack?

This is another common question that again, does not have a definite answer. However, the most important thing to remember when it comes to buying a backpack for your upcoming trip is to not get the cheapest one available. It is far worth it to spend a little extra on a good size, durable and sturdy backpack that is not going to break on you in the middle of your adventures. Good backpacks typically range anywhere from $80-$300 depending on the size and brand of the backpack itself.



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