Tenerife, with its sub-tropical sunshine, palm-lined beaches, gorgeous local fare and mountains and villages waiting to be explored, is an exotic destination that feels familiar.

This island is perfect both for a laidback vacation and a romantic serenade. And it can be explored on a shoestring budget. Here are our ideas on how to make the most of your time in Tenerife on a budget.

Tips for Tenerife on a budget

  1. Eat like a local
    Tenerife has a wonderful food scene. The local tapas are everywhere. They are cheap, they are delicious and loved by everyone from eight to eighty. Foodies like us have a wonderful time in Tenerife.
  2. Explore Parque Natural del Tiede
    One of the most stunning landscapes around, a trip here is completely free and completely fascinating. You can see the lava rivers and the impact of the Teide volcano. You can even climb up the enormous Mount Tiede, the tallest peak in Spain.
  3. La Laguna and the Museo de Historia y Antropología
    Visit the World Heritage Site which is virtually a tale of two cities liked by a tramline. The historic city is home to the oldest University in the Canaries. A trip here will fascinate both the nature lover as well as the history buff.
  4. Gaze at the Acantilados de Los Gigantes
    The giant basalt rock formations in the island which rise from the sea towards the skies are breath taking to look at. They add a dramatic silhouette to the horizon and stand like silent sentinels to the history of the island. A day spent lying on the beach and looking at these rocks will optimise your trip budget and also give you plenty of time for admiring the beauty of nature as well as self-contemplation.
  5. Visit the Tenerife Arts Space
    For a genuine taste of the art and cultural heritage of the region, you must visit the Tenerife Arts Space, also known as TEA. Spending very little, you can enjoy the work of local artists which are truly outstanding and make you think.
  6. Pack your Bag Wisely
    Smart travelers always pack enough luggage to their destination. Just enough, so they don’t have to buy too much on their destination. But not too much, so they have to pay for the extra kilograms. For some extra packing tips, check our article with useful travel packing tips.

Tenerife is indeed a budget getaway for a memorable weekend. You can find affordable local transport for discovering the island at your own pace, ranging from daily car rentals to affordable airport transfers. Tenerife airport taxi transfers has very professional services, which are highly reliable and offer great value for money.

We hope you can have a great time on the island and perhaps leave with wonderful memories that will make you want to return here again and again. Happy holidays.



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