Have you always dreamed of being a dolphin trainer? As budget travelers we are seeking for the experiences. Okay, you can see all the top destinations in Europe, but how about the one-in-a-lifetime experiences of being a dolphin trainer for a day! See what it is like to be around these highly socialized animals and get involved with all job activities of the instructor.

The experience

Excursion Marmaris is an agency that offers you such an experience. Together with the instructor you will start with giving the dolphins their daily natural vitamins. After this you are allowed to assist the instructor with the coaching of the dolphins. If you are a natural talent, you can perhaps let the dolphins do some tricks. ;)

The instructors will take the time for you and passionately inform you all the facets of being a dolphin trainer. And if there are things you always wanted to know about dolphin training or the dolphins, this is your chance… They also really love to answer your questions, so if you have any you should ask them! Of course a swim with the dolphins is included as well, so don’t forget to bring your swimwear!

Swim With Dolphins In Marmaris

There is more to choose from

Excursion Marmaris also offer other great experiences with their animals. Besides their ‘Be a Dolphin Trainer for a Day’ they also offer other experiences with their dolphins. You can also book one of their two anti-stress programs. These programs are perfect for those who experience stress (of any kind) in their daily life. Just take a break from it all, rest and do something for yourself. It doesn’t take a lot of your energy and effort; it is extreme, pleasant and soothing.

The dolphin facility

Both the ‘Be a Dolphin Trainer for a Day’ and ‘Anti-Stress’ program are held in a huge bassin. This is an semi open-water bassin of approx. 1.000 square meters! So the animals have some reasonable living area to stay at.

How to book?

If you are in the vicinity of Marmaris, you should do this activity! Just briefly have a look to the company website of Excursion Marmaris, there is more information to be found about this unique experience. When this seems to be something for you, you can book it at the following link: www.excursionmarmaris.com/excursion/swim-with-the-dolphins-marmaris



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