Making the Most Out of Your Barcelona Trip

If you are planning a trip to beautiful Barcelona, Spain in the coming months and want to make sure you see all of the city’s best attractions, you should start planning where to stay, what to do but the most important thing would be where to begin and what to discover while there! The following tips, hints and suggestions should help you do that!

Are you planning to travel through Europe instead of Barcelona alone, make sure you will have a Eurail Pass.

Arriving at Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport, also known as El Prat is one of the busiest airports not only in Spain and Europe but throughout the entire world! Whether you have just spent a few hours on the plain or fifteen hours at the aiport, you are sure to be rather tired from all the travel. Seeing as Barcelona Airport is so big and so busy, make sure you have planned out how you will get into the city to your accommodation. Although the airport is not very far from the city center, planning ahead of time will always allow for less unnecessary stress. Choose from either a taxi, a bus or renting a car to make sure you get to your accommodation safely and proficiently!

Photo: Barcelona Airport

Preparing for the Barcelona Weather

The average daily temperature in Barcelona is 27 degrees during the summer months and 12 degrees during the winter months. Depending on when your trip is to Spain, you need to be sure to look ahead of time and check the Barcelona weather consistently so as to determine what types of clothes and accessories you should bring along with you. If it is during the hot summer months, be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen, light and breathable clothes, sunglasses and of course stay hydrated with lots of water! If the Barcelona weather is not going to be so hot, you need to pack more layers and plan for a little chillier breeze.

Deciding Where to Stay

This of course can be something that either makes or breaks your entire trip! Deciding where to stay is very important when it comes to traveling and it all depends on what you like, what you want to do and what your budget is like. For backpackers, a hostel in Barcelona is a much better choice due to the fact that they are most likely cheaper. Hostels in Barcelona can be found throughout the city in various areas that each having something unique to offer. If you do decide to stay in a hostel in Barcelona, be sure to plan in advance as rooms can fill up during the busier seasons. If you only want to book a hostel I suggest you to buy a discount card of Hosteldeals; no booking fees and you will get more than 10% discount on overnight stays.

The Best Things to do in Barcelona

With such an immense number of Barcelona tourist attractions, sometimes it can be hard to decide what the best things to do in Barcelona are. From the incredible works of Antoni Gaudi to the churches, cathedrals, beaches and city squares, there is simply so much to choose from! Some of the most popular Barcelona tourist attractions include Park Guell, Sagrada Familia, Mercat de la Boqueria, and Casa Batllo amongst so many others! Other things to do in Barcelona include heading out for some great shopping on Las Ramblas, exploring the Picasso Museum, wandering around Montjuic Castle and of course digging your toes into the sand at the nearby beaches. If you want to enjoy something truly exciting while in the city, be sure to snatch up some Barcelona tickets to a local FC game held at Camp Nou! With thousands of seats to fill and so many dedicated fans, you are definitely going to want to make sure you plan this out ahead of time and purchase your Barcelona tickets well in advance! It will truly be the thrill of a lifetime as you chant, cheer and yell alongside the locals and other travelers at the futbol match. So, don’t wait to get your Barcelona tickets and make sure you stay up to date on when the next game is going to take place!
When it comes to deciding what to do and what Barcelona tourist attractions to visit or even purchasing tickets Barcelona, plan to see at least a couple per day depending on how much time you have. Always have an open mind and open eyes as you never know what might catch your eye while exploring the beautiful city of Barcelona!

Barcelona Montjuic fountain

How to Save Money While There

If you are traveling to Barcelona on a budget, fear not! There are plenty of ways to save money and leave without your wallet being completely empty. So many of the attractions and sites accept certain cards that help you stretch your euro a little further than it otherwise would have. An example of this would be the Barcelona Card, where you will get tons of discounts at museums and attractions throughout the city! The Barcelona Card is definitely one of the most popular ways for anyone to get discounts and deals and chances are, if you do decide to get the Barcelona Card you certainly won’t regret it! Unlike its neighboring countries, Barcelona can prove to be a rather cheap city to visit and one that you don’t necessarily have to break the bank for. Take advantage of all of the great discounts offered and be sure that you visit a nearby information desk or hop online to find your discount card before heading out to explore the city! To save on tickets Barcelona, be sure to keep an eye out ahead of time before your trip or get to the stadium early the day of the game to avoid sold out tickets. You will be so happy you planned your purchase of tickets Barcelona ahead of time and are guaranteed to walk away with so many amazing memories to last you a lifetime.

Do not forget to bring along your journey bible (Lonely Planet) with you! This guide is written in English, but there are also translations into other languages, provides reviews of attractions and accommodation.



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