Amsterdam is known for a few things; The Redlight District, Smoking weed and the city where anything goes. But you have to know a few things before you go to Amsterdam because some of them are not true.

1. The Ramparts Are Extremely Safe
Most tourists automatically assume that it is an unsafe area, but in fact it is full of police and personal security to ensure that guests of the RLD stay safe and that any troublemakers get taken care of quickly and efficiently.

2. Although Many People Are Stoned Here (especially tourists)!
There are several coffee shops located right in the middle of the RLD where many people smoke cannabis within. Wander through the area where you can find very chilled out and welcoming coffee shops, perfect for hanging out in during the day or early morning.

3. There is More Than Just Red Windows
There is a lot more to the area than just the red lighted windows with women behind them; the RLD is also the home to several unique and beautiful centuries-old churches and architecture. Be sure not to miss these! Save on your visit to the red light district with you personal Hosteldeals Card, your Amsterdam City Pass.

4. It Can Be a Total Maze
If it is your first time in the Red Light District, then you may want to consider heading there with a local guide who can show you around the streets, as it is a complete maze and can get rather confusing.

5. Not “Everything Goes”
Another quite common assumption visitors have within the Red Light District is an idea that, “everything goes” and they are not able to get in trouble for anything. However, this is very untrue. Several rules have been set in place to ensure the safety of prostitutes and visitors that are strictly enforced.



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