If you the lucky one of visiting the ever-popular city, Amsterdam, but you are not quite sure yet what to expect for your upcoming trip, you may want some quick and handy tips. Some helpful tips and information will ensure, you are totally ready and prepared to have a successful and fun-filled time in this incredible city.

1.  There is No Dress Code
Walking down the streets of Amsterdam you will most likely come across a man in a thong on rollerblades, a man in baby clothes and dozens of bums scattered throughout. I am saying this because, don’t feel like you need to dress a certain way. Wear whatever you wish!

2. The Canals Can Get You Anywhere
Well, maybe not ANYwhere, but pretty DEAM close! Some of the city’s best attractions are easily accessible by using the canal and in addition to accessibility, it is also a fantastic way to see the city from a different angle! There are different ways to enjoy the canals of Amsterdam; by canal bike or by canal cruise.

3. You Will Wish You Had The HostelDeals Card
This card will give you access to the best deals on not only hostels in the city but also discounted prices on museums, restaurants, bars, activities and attractions around the city as well. If you are on a budget or simply want to stretch your money a little further, this is a MUST. Head to http://hosteldeals.eu/ to get your own today!

4.  Amsterdam Has More Bicycles Than People
There live 805 000 people in Amsterdam and there are 890 000 bicycles in the city. Almost every tourist want to rent a bike but they do not know how dangerous it is to ride through the center of Amsterdam. Many people will fall off their bike because their wheel gets into the tramlines. So be always careful!

5.  Amsterdam is the city with the most nationalities in the world
Amsterdam has 175 different nationalities. There are 194 recognized nationalities on earth and they are proud on it! Of Course they have local food but it is always mixed with foreign influences. Try as much as you can because everything tastes delicious!



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