Here you can find a mix of resources we’ve used while traveling and a bunch of travel blogs we follow and love to read. Give these guys a visit, because I think you’ll also love it.

Backpaxtravel – Backpax founder, Sharon Henshall, set up Backpax in the year 2000 following more than a decade of working and traveling abroad. For the first 14 years it was a free pocket magazine but for 2015 the format has changed into a fold out map of the UK with zoom in maps on London & Edinburgh and a smaller map of Europe. Pick yours up from a backpacker hostel or TIC to plan your travels
Dave’s Travel Corner – A blog established in 1996. Dave is one a real dinosaurus in the travel blog world. Find awesome tips and helpful guides.
Globaleta – A digital library of resources focused on travel and the outdoors.
Marington – Luxurious Travel Bags
The Hostel Girl – Hostel Girl visits hostels all over the world and makes kickass reviews off them.
United Kingdom Travel Guide – 1Cover provides an extensive and very useful guide for everybody traveling the United Kingdom.